Legal torrent sites

Torrenting is a very popular way to obtain content from the internet. You have to be careful, of course.


Torrenting is a kind of greyzone of file sharing, and you may commit copyright infringement even accidentally on most torrent sites.

In order to avoid that, we’ve collected ten of our favorite legal torrent websites, where you can download torrent files 100% legally.

Is torrenting illegal?

It is a commonly asked question whether torrenting is legal or not. In short, no, it is not.

Is_torrenting_illegalWhat is illegal about torrenting is copyright infringement. Torrenters share all kinds of files on torrent websites, and most of those files are copyrighted materials.

If you download such files without the permission of the copyright holder or without paying for the content, you are illegally obtaining copyrighted files.

Torrenting in itself is just a method of sharing and downloading files practically and quickly. And you can legally torrent plenty of things from the internet, and below we’re telling you about the best sites to do that.


Previously known as Azureus, Vuze is one of the most popular sites for free content. You can browse among thousands of TV shows, movies, music, and podcasts, and you can download them for free.

You can browse by category on this site, which helps you to find just what you’re looking for.



Bitlove is primarily a website for torrenting podcasts, but you might stumble upon some videos there, too.

They have a proper, alphabetically organized directory which you can easily navigate and find your interests. You can also filter your results by language.

In addition, you can also upload as a podcaster and get your content out there for others to share and download, which is a great a feature.



Jamendo is the most popular site for downloading copyright-free, independent music from all over the world, in any genre. They have a catalog of over half a million tracks from 40,000 artists which is a wide enough selection to find something in your own personal taste.

Artists have a platform to share their music and the opportunity to become widely known. They can also license their tracks for TV shows, movies, and documentaries that want to use them as background music.



Miro is mainly an online media player which features a BitTorrent client to find shows and play them. There are plenty of video and audio content, and their directory is rather simple.

The interface is user-friendly in a sense that it is simply divided and quick to navigate. You can search among newly uploaded materials, top rated files, editor’s picks, and other few labelled selections.



Similarly to Jamendo, Etree is another torrenting platform primarily for free music. They have a great selection of music and concert recordings. It is easy to navigate, and you can filter your search quite precisely.

Right now Etree is under development and works on an invite-only basis according to their website.

bt etree

Academic Torrents

If you’re a student, a professor, a researcher, any kind of academic person, or just someone who’s interested in academic files this website is for you.

It is pretty hard sometimes to access valuable research data or academic sources like books or journals. Therefore Academic Torrents encourage researchers to share their data for the public good.

academic torrents

TAS Videos

This website is especially for gamers who would like to improve their skills. TAS Videos have playthrough videos of a vast amount games, old and new.

The website’s homepage shows the latest videos, and with the help of the search bar, you can quickly find anything you’d like.

tas videos

BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent Now is probably the most eye-catching in terms of layout and design. It looks just a like a really cool streaming service, and yet it offers legal torrent files to access music, videos, podcasts and the sorts.

They specialize in music from independent artists, especially new voices, but other super content can be found if you take your time to browse through. They also have a blog with related topics.

bittorrent now

Media History Digital Library

It is a free and legal collection of books and magazines about the history of audiovisual media, especially films.

It is like the Internet Archive of cinema exclusively. The fact that it is freely available to anyone just makes it even cooler!

Their website is also very pleasant with a clear a logically arranged layout.

media history digital library

Legit Torrents

Their goal is no less ambitious than to become the world’s most popular legal torrent tracker. Their motto is “100% free media” embedded into their logo, and they might be on the right track to realize their ambitions.

They deal mainly in software, and they have about 1700 torrent files available. The site is simple but clean and you can easily navigate it.


Torrenting is a great means to access files all over the internet. But there are risks to it, and one of them is that most torrent files are not legal to download due to copyright reasons.

Downloading blockbusters and latest pop hits can be very tempting, but definitely isn’t worth the legal consequences.Legal_torrent_sites_Conclusion

You can discover independent, new voices in music, or talented filmmakers who aspire to become known, or read books for free, even classics.

There are so much great content on legal torrent sites that you can enjoy without breaking the law, and it is becoming increasingly popular to use these channels.