KickAss AlternativesKickAss is one of the most popular torrent websites out there. Or rather it was. It has an unfortunate tendency to go up and down, and you never know when you need a replacement. That’s why we composed a list below from which you can choose the best alternative to KickAss.

Please note that we do not encourage or endorse sharing or downloading copyrighted materials as it is illegal and may conclude in legal consequences.

10 Best Alternatives to Kickass

See our list of the ten best replacement options for KickAss.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (or TPB) is a website that collects digital content ranging from music to software. It is a torrent index, where you can download torrents or magnet links.the pirate bay

It has a very clean interface, on the bottom of the page located in the middle there is a search bar where you can easily look for anything you want. Above the bar you can see some other options, and there are four main file categories: Recent torrents, TV shows, Music, and Top 100.

You can browse it and use it in 35 languages including English, German, Swedish, and many other European languages.

The only problem with TPB is that it often gets shut down by authorities and at times it is not possible to avail the site.



Previously known as YIFY, YTS’ main profile is movies, and it’s perfect for you if you’re a cinema enthusiast. They have an appealing layout, and a great selection of movie torrents. It is also a great option if you have limited bandwidth.

Since they do not offer any other categories but movies only, you have to find other sites for other types of content. But with this exhaustive list here, you won’t have problem with that!


RARBGRARBG is another site for a great variety of torrents, and its directory contains everything from movies to software for you to download. RARBG is popular because it offers torrents of high quality.

It has a clean interface and an easily usable navigation. They constantly add new items to the directory, so it’s always on trend.

The downside is that it is blocked in a number of countries, and it is threatened by shutdowns often.


On their website they say that 1337x is the 6th among the most popular websites in the P2P file-sharing category, and it is absolutely believable, given their reputation.1337x

They have a wide range of torrent selections and magnet links, and a number of categories in which you can browse for anything you need.

Their interface is a bit crowded, but not so much that you couldn’t find what you’re looking for.



Isohunt, according to their website, is the largest search engine for torrents. They have a wide range of categories from movies to books you can find anything within the realms of entertainment. Besides that they also offer a wide selection of applications, software and other categories.

You need to register to use it, and they have their own client through which you can download the files you find on their site.

Popcorn Time

As the name also suggests, Popcorn Time’s profile is movies. PT is becoming increasingly popular.

popcorn timeYou can stream and download as well. They have a great selection of movies and you can watch them immediately on the site. They have high-quality content which includes HD movies with great subtitle options.

You can also use PT on different platforms without compromising the quality. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and it’s also friendly with Linux.



This torrent website has a clean and simple layout, and it is easy to navigate.

They have nine categories of torrent files including Movies, Music, Games, Books, and Apps. You can easily find what you’re looking for on this site.


TorLockTorLock is a great torrent search engine and directory for finding all kinds of torrent files. They have a quick search bar, but you can also browse through the many different categories on their website.

They host 4,860,256 torrents in their directory, which is a great number even among the most popular sites.


The name is very telling, it can be called the Google of torrents. It is a search engine for looking for torrent files and magnet links.Toorgle

Toorgle uses the database of more than 450 torrent websites to get your result, and they have more than 55 million torrents indexed. It is a great enough number to land Toorgle a decent rank in our list.


monovaMonova has probably the simplest layout among torrenting websites. This is actually a great feature since it’s easier to use and find what you’re looking for.

Monova has categories for you to browse among such as Adult, Audio, Book, Photos, Videos, Games, and Others. You can also easily upload your content if you like.

The downside to Monova is likely the ad pop-ups. It can get annoying when every click you do on the website immediately cause a pop-up.

What happened to Kickass?

What happened to KickAss

In 2016 Kickass founder, Artem Vaulin was arrested and that immediately meant the end of the Kickass website. Its popularity didn’t die down, though. There are still websites that copy Kickass, but none of these are in relation to the original one.

About Kickass

The story of KickAssKickassTorrents (also known as KAT or just Kickass as we referred to it throughout the article) was established in 2008.

Since its founding it has become the most popular among torrent sites. It was available in over 30 languages, and it had over a million visitors per day according to 2015 statistics. It supported the BitTorrent protocol and P2P file sharing. Some information about safe mirrors and the summary of shutdown are available here.

Kickass Alternatives: Conclusion

KickAss alternatives Conclusion

Kickass has certainly been the most popular and available among torrent sites. Many users have been searching for websites with similarly great features and popularity, and in our list above we tried to collect them for you.